LCT Kajal

LCT Kajal

Ship In Saintmartin Island

               LCT Kajal  is a luxurious mid sized ocean going cruise vessel in Tekanf – Saintmartin- Teknaf.  MV Baro Awlia offers travelers the option of sea travel on the glamorous cruise ship at an affordable ticket price. Baro Awlia cruise ship is waiting to take your wanderlust to a new level.

Facilities & Amenities:

  1. 600 plus luxurious sitting arrangements.
  2. First class canteen.
  3. Sufficient security arrangements and highly skilled staffs.
  4.  life rafts, sufficient life jackest & life buoys and a rescue boat.
  5. Own jetty for our passengers.
  6. Sufficient opening for sight seeing.
  7. Expert Captain for Operate Ship.


LCT Kajal

Coxsbazar - Saintmartin - Coxsbazar

LCT Kajal. Main Deck

Main Deck - 1600

Open Deck - 1800

LCT Kajal.Open Deck
LCT Kajal. Business

Business Class - 2000

Luxury Lounge - 2500

LCT Kajal. Luxury
VIP Cabin. LCT Kajal

VIP Cabin - 8000

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